Invesco Recommends Large-Cap Value Allocation  

Rick Golod, Director of Global Investment Strategies at Invesco, has issued a new report focused on asset allocation strategy. Golod has a largely positive outlook on global growth.  In terms of asset allocation, Golod recommends overweighting large-cap value stocks and underweighting small cap growth stocks as the business cycle develops. Geographically, Golod is overweight the […]

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John Hancock Suggests Long Term View on Emerging Market Debt

Roberto Sanchez- Dahl, Senior Portfolio Manager, John Hancock Asset Management, and Paolo H. Valle, Senior Portfolio Manager, John Hancock Asset Management, have issued their views on emerging market debt. Dahl and Valle write that emerging market debt funds have recently experienced outflows as geopolitical risk, the end of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programs and […]

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Wells Fargo Discusses the Market 

Darrell Cronk, Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Tracie McMillion, Asset Allocation Strategist at Wells Fargo Wealth Management, discusses economic trends and its implications for investors.  The U.S. GDP growth rate has hit a high in quarter two since the end of the 2008-2009 recession. Reasons for this increase are business investments, a gain in business inventories, […]

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‘Wait and See’ on Hong Kong Says Manulife

Kai Kong Chay, Greater China equities specialist, Manulife Asset Management, has released a new brief on the financial ramifications of the recent protests in Hong Kong. Chay writes that it is too soon to fully understand what impact the recent student led pro democracy protests will have in Hong Kong.  Chay notes that while volatility […]

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Wells Fargo: US Economy Shows Promise Despite Diving Stocks

In their market report, Wells Fargo Wealth Management’s Deputy Chief Investment Officer Darrel Cronk and Asset Allocation Strategist Tracie McMillion, provide an update on Q2 results and a forward-looking analysis regarding Q3 and corporate earnings. Much of this report comes with respect to the market ‘sell-off’ which saw equities slip drastically and erase much of […]

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Nordea’s Latest 2014 World Economic Outlook

In Nordea Bank’s most recent publication of its 2014 Economic Outlook, the Nordea team highlights Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United States, the Euro area, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, China, India, and Brazil. Overall, Nordea suggests that a better than anticipated United States recovery, lower oil prices due to shale […]

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Franklin Templeton: Emerging Markets Up on Reduced Political Risks

Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, has issued a recent outlook. Mobius writes that emerging markets ended August with gains driven by political resolution in Latin America.  Meanwhile, boosts in private sector activity have helped markets in Thailand and Taiwan. Even Egypt, which has recently been mired in political conflict, has recently seen […]

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Investec Finds Natural Resource Output Rising in South Africa

The research team at Investec (South Africa) has released a new economic outlook focusing on the economy of South Africa. Investec found that production rose 0.4 percent in July this in contrast to declines of 3.2 percent and 1.1 percent in May and June, respectively.   More specifically, the biggest increase was in iron ore with […]

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MFS Looks Toward 4th Quarter 2014

Robert Spector, Sanjay Natarajan, and Robert Hall of MFS, discuss their global market outlook. The U.S. dollar has risen to the top of the foreign exchange performance table, outperforming the other 10 major currencies. While the U.S. dollar continues to be in a bull market it is currently undervalued. According to the authors, a rising […]

TIAA CREF’s 2014 Mid-Year Market Outlook

In their August 2014 report, Timothy Hopper and Daniel Morris from TIAA CREF discuss an overview of the market half way through 2014. The United States economy is slowly growing again after the recession, and there is a positive outlook for the economy for the second half of 2014. Although the housing market has not […]

BlackRock’s Market Outlook

Russ Koesterich, Chief Investment Strategist at BlackRock, has released a new Investment Decisions report for September 2014. Koesterich notes his neutral outlook on United States equity markets due to contradictory forces such as higher geopolitical driven volatility risk and higher than expected earnings growth.  As a result, it is hard to predict that the market […]

Mixed Signals in the World Economy Says AllianceBernstein

The research team at AllianceBernstein has issued a new Global Economic Outlook for 2014. Globally, AllianceBernstein sees mixed results in the world’s major economies that will likely cause the various central banks to take different courses of action regarding monetary policy. Within the United States, AllianceBernstein expects the recently revised Q2 4.2% GDP growth rate […]

Franklin Templeton’s Global Overview

Franklin Templeton researchers have issued a new Global Overview. Franklin Templeton notes that strong United States growth has helped to boost global equity returns (2.25% gain in the MSCI All Country Index).  Stronger than expected growth in the United States has led to a revision in the Q2 growth rate based off of both business […]

Northern Trust on FOMC’s September Meeting

In their September 2014 report, Carl R. Tannenbaum and Asha G. Bangalore from Northern Trust discuss the Federal Open Market Committees’ monetary policy meeting held on September 17th , 2014. Their opinion on whether the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates near zero remains, although forecasts from the Fed suggest otherwise. The conditions in the […]

Erste’s September Market Commentary

In its September 2014 report, Erste Group (Austria) discusses its overview of the current market. Equity markets for the US and emerging markets stand neutral while Europe’s are overweight.  US leading equity indices are up 8% and 9% year to date, outperforming Europe’s leading indices, which vary from -2% to +1%. This is the result […]

MFS Sees Global Divergence

Robert Spector, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Sanjay Natarajan, Institutional Equity Portfolio Manager and Robert M. Hall, Institutional Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, all of MFS have released a new Global Markets Outlook for September 2014. Spector, Natarajan and Hall note that as the Federal Reserve begins to reduce liquidity the European Central Bank is doing the exact […]